Hi guys!

Well, the time has come for us to say goodbye ;_;

Nanaga and I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for all of your support til now \(^o^)/ Hope you all enjoyed the works we put up and we hope that you keep supporting the authors by reading (and buying ;P) their works!

For those of you who were wondering, we don't intend to put up any download links for our final four oneshots. However, the site will remain as it is now and act as an archive for all of our scanlations. Nothing will be deleted, unless it happens to get licensed (and the day Hana to Akuma is licensed in English will be an incredibly happy one! :D). So fear not! Everything will stay here for you to read when you wish :3

That's all from us! Best wishes to everyone!

<3 Shinko & Nanaga (^o^)/

"Kokoro no Oasis" by Megaryu

Manabiya Ouji ("School Prince")

Hi everyone! Today marks our last release, which is another one of Oto-sensei's old oneshots called School Prince. As with Colourful Sign, the character designs are another step closer towards our beloved HtA, but Gigi and Lina have a wonderful chemistry that's all their own ^^

As always, hope you enjoy the read! \(^o^)/

School Prince
Lina is an honour student on a mission to be perfect, and all's going well...until the free-spirited Prince Gigi transfers into her class.

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Vivi &amp; Hana (Summer)
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Tojikomorihime ("The Locked-up Maiden")

Hello! Our last two oneshots are more of Oto-sensei's old works. Today's is The Locked-Up Maiden :) You might remember ch18 of Hana to Akuma (as well as some other things) when you see this story...hehe.

The Locked-up Maiden
Once upon a time, there was a princess who locked herself up in the top of a little tower, and a young man set on becoming the palace artist. When the King decrees that, "He who can paint a portrait of the 'Locked-up Maiden' will be made the palace artist", Gunjou thinks he's set...but the princess is not willing to come down, and Gunjou is not willing to give up.

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Sora no Kakera ("Sky Shards")

Hey guys! :D Continuing with our last run of uploads, here’s today’s oneshot! Sky Shards is a recent oneshot by Yuuki Fujimoto, the author of Tadaima no Uta (a series that I’d definitely recommend, but I don’t think it’s been picked up by any groups yet…) In any case, this one is a story that manages to be heart-warming and a tearjerker at the same time ^^
As always, please enjoy!

Sky Shards
Young Nico and Jean are best friends who have always dreamed of adventure. They finally get their chance when they meet Ibis, a mysterious woman with wings.

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Hana (vol10)
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Colourful Sign

Hello friends! It's been a while, but we're back with a handful of new oneshots. We had actually wanted to release these quite a while ago, but the dreaded real life monster got in the way :( For the same reason, we're also going to be closing down after these few new updates :(

Anyway, today's oneshot is Colourful Sign, an old work by the lovely Hisamu Oto, author of Hana to Akuma :) You can really see that she was working up to her HtA character designs from these old works (actually these two remind me of Hana and Vivi's kids xD)

The scans are in a gallery below the cut this time. Enjoy!
Colourful Sign
Life as the Mayor's daughter in a small town is suffocating and boring for Rita. The only one who doesn't give her special treatment is Raz, the town cleaner, so she constantly seeks his graffitiing the town.

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Hana (vol10)
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Reminder to groups asking for permission to retranslate

Please remember that we have a Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) where we have already answered the question, "Can we translate [project] into [our language]?" I have updated it into more simple English so it is (hopefully) clearer and easier to understand.
We realise many people who send us messages anyway are doing it out of courtesy, so thank you for being polite, but as long as you follow the conditions, you don't need to! We will not answer messages asking for permission any longer.
Of course if you still have a more specific question, please ask! In the meantime, thank you for your understanding on this issue.
Vivi &amp; Hana (ch33)
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Hana to Akuma 58

Hello everyone!
We've finally reached the last chapter (;_;) If you haven't read spoilers, you might find it to be kind of a shock ending.

We'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you for giving the manga a go and following our scanlations throughout the series :) It's been a lot of fun translating this series and having lots of people to discuss it with! :)

Please remember you can also buy your own copy of the books--not only will you be supporting the author, but the tankoubons also have cute extras we don't scan here ;)

Especially if you know even a little Japanese, I really recommend grabbing a copy and giving it a read. Even when I started reading this three years ago and my Japanese was faaaaaar worse than it is now, I could follow the story, only needing to look up a few unfamiliar vocab items in the dictionary. It's fun and you'll improve really fast too :)

I personally haven't dealt with all these places, but I believe some well known places to buy Japanese manga include: Amazon Japan, YesAsia and your local Kinokuniya store (search 花と悪魔 in the Japanese Books search).

Thank you again, and see you next time ^_^


Hi everyone~ (^^)/

We're still in the process of doing the final chapter of HtA, but in the meantime, here's a oneshot to tide you over!

It's by Sichol=Bell, who you may remember as the author of "Holy Glory" and "Noel la Neige". This is actually her debut oneshot, "Tokiya" (a.k.a Time Traders) and though it isn't Christmas-themed like her following two stories, that doesn't stop it from being a very fun read! (^o^)♪

With her little brother in a coma and no money to pay a doctor, Milan has no choice but to turn to Clock and Chrome, Time Traders who grant wishes in return for hours instead of dollars.

Enjoy! (^o^)/